Elevated Personalization in a New, Sizeless World

Who needs sizes anyway? Let us build a personal wardobe catered to your body not your size.

How It Works

Take the Quiz

Your answers will give us a sense of your style, size, and needs. Add a front and side selfie and let us do the rest.

Shop Unique Designers

Receive a stylist curated “Personal
Closet” with pieces selected for YOU. Shop sustainable designers who can tailor
their clothes to your personal measurements.

Recieve Fit-to-You Items

Your hand-picked items will arrive to
you, ready for you to try on and fall in love with! Share your new fit with the PS Collective community or on Instagram.

Why Submit Photos?


Images are not kept after running the algorithm. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.


Just snap a front and side image and upload. It’s that easy. Let us do the rest!


Have things changed with your body? That’s normal, feel free to update your image as often as you’d like.

Picture Perfect Tips

Okay, so you are ready to take your photo...How do you prepare for an accurate measurement outcome? Just follow the checklist below and you will be ready to go!

  • In Tight-fitting Clothing With Hair Up
  • In Good Lighting With No Visible Shadows
  • Can Take Full-Length Photo Either On Own Or With Friend’s Help