Our Story


Hi! I’m Colette - CEO and co-founder of The PS Collective and I'm sitting with my co-founder and CTO, Francesca! We are so excited to have you here because we are nothing without our community.


My professional career has been in television, but while I was in college I also worked at Nordstrom. If you are familiar with Nordstrom, then you know it’s a place recognized for its exceptional customer service. The PS Collective was born out of a realization that I wanted that same attention and appreciation for quality clothing when shopping online. Many of my online shopping efforts were fruitless and disappointing. Nothing was reliable and there was no one to assist me in selecting the right pieces that fit and flattered my body.


After years of contemplation and utter frustration, I finally decided to do something about it. I knew I couldn't build the tech on my own and would need to find a co-founder that believed in the vision as much as I did. Luckily, I met Francesca on a co-founder matching site in 2018 (yes, those do exist!). I was attracted to her unique background, much like dating, I had a few qualifications I was looking for and she met all of them! First and foremost, she's a woman who related directly to the problem I was trying to solve. She is a Machine Learning Engineer with a PhD in Engineering, but what I found most intriguing was her work in developing simulation tools for bypass surgery. I wanted someone who was going to look at this problem as differently as I was, and I thought that someone who had worked in the medical tech space would be the perfect addition to the team. So, together, we teamed up to attack this issue and turn the fashion industry on its head.

We hope you come along with us on this ride!