Designer Lookbook

Astor + Orion

Seattle, Washington

She offers unique designs that celebrate your individuality while creating a community of women who aren’t afraid to take risks, achieve their goals, and live their life. After all, we’ve heard somewhere that you only live once. So, why not look amazing while you’re here?

Bastet Noir

North Macedonia

Bastet noir creates for women who are not afraid to roar, speak up, motivate and empower. We don't believe in sizes, because every body is different and so we don't have plus, petite or tall sections. We make clothes that fit every body type.


Los Angeles, California

BOLD Swim is an inclusive and sustainable brand. Designed for fit, comfort, and versatility. Empowering those through a curated collection for life in and out of the water. 

Cali & Dana

New York, New York

Founded by Choua, Ali & Dana, Cali & Dana is a young and ambitious brand ready to design life’s essentials for the modern day woman. At Cali & Dana, our design philosophy is about the fit, but always making it fashion. Staying true to our philosophy, we took up the challenge of bringing to life the most comfortable skinny jeans for curvy petite women. 

Chamiah Dewey Fashion

London, UK

A sustainable, adaptive womenswear brand for women with disabilities and dwarfism. She creates high quality, timeless pieces that can be worn for years to come. Her collections are loosely influenced by seasonal trends so you can be sure that you don’t miss out on the latest styles!


Dublin, Ireland

They create activewear that is suitable for sensitive skin using robust fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes. By using quick-drying fabrics made from recycled coffee beans and recycled plastic from the ocean, COCO-MOKA makes activewear that is kind to your skin and kind to nature.


New York, New York

True to the very meaning of its name, Coutart, which stands for Couture Artisanale, was born out of the desire to create sustainably made luxury leather products while elevating artisan craftsmanship. 

Eclipse Glove

Longmont, Colorado

éclipse is about Freedom In Simplicity: paring down, streamlining, divesting your life of things that no longer serve you.  This allows more space, mentally and physically, and therefore more freedom. éclipse is more than an apparel company as we create a larger platform for wellness and wholeness.  

Gwen Beloti Jewelry

Brooklyn, New York

Women's gold jewelry for everyday. The perfect balance of minimalism & subtle statement designed w/ inclusive sizing in mind, for ALL golden beauties.

HannahMaria Shanahan

London, UK

Inspired by her Irish heritage and current life in London, HannahMaria's goal was to create a sustainable, inclusive and ethical line that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style.

Jambes en L'air

Brooklyn, NY

As a flight attendant, Sadio has flown more than 500,000 miles in "nude" hosiery that left her feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. She develeoped Jambes en L'air which literally means “Legs In the Air” – a carefree and cheeky French phrase that epitomizes Sadio's approach to life. It captures the feeling she wants you to experience when wearing her hosiery and it honors her French heritage in a way that makes her mother proud. 

Jamila Mariama

Brooklyn, New York

JAMILA MARIAMA, meaning "a beautiful gift from God", is a twin sister duo contemporary womenswear brand defined by beautiful fabrics, vibrant colors, and complimenting silhouettes. Jamila Jones, oversees all of her designs from the pattern making to print artwork and construction of the garment. Her creations empower and connect women through design; highlighting women of color and their beauty and strength. 

Kanvess Clothing

Kansas City, Kansas

Simple and modern, Kanvess Clothing features ethical and sustainable activewear designed for those with an elevated ambition to live with intention. We’re slowing down the vicious fast-fashion cycle to bring your quality, eco-friendly pieces that give back to members of our community in Kansas City, and beyond. 

La Femme APÉRO

New York, New York

La Femme APÉRO is feminine, sophisticated, bold, sensual and something of a free spirit. A Parisienne at heart. When designing her wardrobe, we strive for the perfect balance between the timeless modernity of French chic - along with its understated sensuality, and the fun and freedom of NYC.

Lekuna Lifestyle

Los Angeles, California

Bree has been the OG designer, fabric cutter, botanical dyer, and seamstress from day one. Today she works closely with a team of Balinese artisans to maintain the same responsible production. All intimates are made of Organic Cotton or Bamboo, hand dyed with plants and distributed with care. There is no point in the making or distribution process where the environment is not considered. Bree also teaches young girls and women the importance of using non-toxic materials on their reproductive areas to create a harmonious balance of knowledge, hygiene and empowerment.

Ludovica Gualtieri Milano

Milan, Italy

Ludovica Gualtieri's ideas are developed starting from the research of 100% eco-friendly, bio-sustainable and Italian quality raw materials to realize her Green Fashion Collections. She pays exceptional attention to the Design and performance of fabrics. An explosive mix of creativity and innovation, colors and technique, details, all in a desire to move the fashion industry forward and provide the customer with the ultimate end-product.


New York, New York

Amanda launched MB3, a rising fashion brand where you can discover all the trendiest and practical modern kimono jackets that will advance your style to statement-making levels. The brand is a vibrant and luxurious collection of quality kimono jackets that are so special, they will live in your collection of favorites forever. All the fabrics are thoughtfully sourced from around the world and produced in small batches in NYC.

Oat Milk Club

Geneva, Switzerland

They believe that in today's world, it's essential to pay attention to what we eat, what we buy, and how all our actions impact our world. They use their clothing to raise awareness around these important topics creating unique and eco-friendly apparel while promoting a sustainable and plant-based lifestyle.

Olly Lingerie

Paris, France

Olly was started by two friends who were unable to find the attractive, ethical underwear they wanted. They use organic cotton and recycled lace to produce beautiful, feminine lingerie that is comfortable and stylish.


London, England

Piccoli is the home of designer fashion for women 5'3 and under. We spend a long time refining our sizing and updating our patterns to flatter and complement Petite frames. Our pieces are especially designed to elongate and elevate your look, with careful attention to garment length and proportions.

Posie Lingerie

Leicester, England

Posie was founded in 2019 and was created to fuse our passions of lingerie and sustainability together. Posie is crafted for the free-spirited bohemian-rockers of the world. The women that dare to stand out from the crowd, the ones that have strong determination, and care for the planet. 


Brooklyn, NY

Rose Mae Turner creates a contemporary womenswear line made up of swimwear and apparel. Everything is ethically produced in the US and made out of deadstock fabrics. Rosina~Mae's style and silhouettes are unique and are meant to be long-lasting and versatile. All of her items are produced on demand in all sizes.

Sophia & Rose

Glasgow, Scotland

Sophia & Rose started when Sophia, herself, finally gave up on the constant alterations and tailoring of her clothes. It's been her mission since to make sure every petite woman can find fashionable, high-quality, clothing that makes them feel beautiful inside and out.


Cologne, Germany

Thakane, born in Maseru, Lesotho is designer and founder of TAKAII. Bold, efficient, and timeless, TAKAII jumpsuits are built to last and designed to endure more workouts than you can fit into a lifetime. Thakane aspires to build a brand that is sustainable, inclusive of all women, serves function with effective and versatile designs and promotes health and body positivity.

Together Segal

Austin, Texas

Together Segal was founded by twin sisters, Amy and Melissa Segal, and is an independent clothing label for petite women who live consciously and choose thoughtfully. They have a simple mission in mind: to create intentional designs for their fellow petites, offering timeless, minimal and versatile wardrobe essentials that are made to last. Their collection is designed with a petite frame in mind and features styles that elongate and flatter petite proportions while also elevating everyday wear.