The PS Collective: Technology Fit-for-Purpose


The PS Collective: Technology Fit-for-Purpose - The PS Collective

We brainstormed on The PS Collective in 2019 and solidified our vision in 2020 - a year when we all embraced new ways of connecting with our community. What was also made evident to the masses (that companies could no longer refute) was the crumbling state of the traditional fashion industry. The PS Collective was born out of a need to help all women feel seen, heard, and supported which aligned well with 2020 since its denotation (in the optical sense) is all about opening our eyes. In this case, 2020 opened our eyes to problems that have long been festering under the surface.

The more market research we did, the more astounded we were at how little larger companies have done to improve the shopping experience for the majority of shoppers. I was shocked to hear of friends crying in a fit of rage, low confidence, and disappointment when nothing they purchased seemed to fit right. It’s even more worrying the herd mentality the fashion industry has instilled in us… I fork up money, I buy clothes in “my size,” it doesn’t fit, I [deal with it/return it/get a tailor/have it sit in the corner of my room collecting dust/*fill in the blank with any inconvenience*] but why? Why are we asked to pay for something that then doesn’t bring us joy, that isn’t made for us? We pay to fit ourselves into molds that someone else dictated for us and we just deal because. Because? 

Well Francesca and I wanted to create an easy, fun process that removed the sizes and the triggering stereotypes that come along with them. We also wanted to tap into the community to source local and small-batch designers that appreciate quality and sustainability efforts and believe in a better system. This, together with a heightened online shopping experience, led us to build a technology that not only finds clothes that fit, but that are in tune with our purpose and values. 

We want to use technology to empower a culture of collaboration and exchange. We provide a service that uses Artificial Intelligence to help women make choices, not strip them of their individuality. We are a space for both designers and shoppers, stories and growth, creation and appreciation. 

In fewer words...We connect, to find a better fit for All. 

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