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New Year, New-ish Us - The PS Collective
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Happy New Year and we are wishing you the happiest and healthiest start to 2023 from our entire team at the PS Collective! We hope you began this New Year celebrating in the ways you wanted with a bright outlook on the year ahead. For us, we are declaring “out” with toxic thoughts and “in” with anything that will serve us well, and this year we actually mean it.

We invite you to join us in gearing up for a year of catching those dreams we’ve been chasing and living our very best lives by taking better care of our minds, bodies, and planet. So that is why we have made a list of what we think are some of the best habits we are bringing with us into the new year. We made this list, and the most important thing for us was to remember that these are definitely not just your standard run-of-the-mill New Year’s Resolutions (we are leaving those in 2022). While resolutions can be a great way to make your new year better than your last in theory, how often do we really stick to our resolutions past Jan 31? And how bummed do we feel when we’ve broken those promises to ourselves? Instead, we have reflected on this past year and came up with realistic goals we can work towards by making tiny upgrades in our everyday lives – habits that we know we can stick to and be proud of each day. For example, instead of buying from the first designer we find, we are leveling up by committing to more research into who the designers are, their sustainability practices in efforts to be more thoughtful and intentional with our purchases. This year when we are on the hunt for comfortable everyday clothes, we’ll be looking to designers like Èclipse Glove, who has made a commitment to responsible clothing design through the use of recycled fabrics and the implementation of a take-back program that protects our environment.


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 Now look, we understand that you are a busy woman, and you are probably coming off of a crazy Q4 full of burnout, family and hopefully, rest. Give yourself grace as you enter 2023 and practice mindfulness in understanding what is realistically achievable for you. We kept our list easy, fully of initiatives that we are already practicing, we just want to be more aware of so we can do it more, and do it better. We are aiming to incorporate small, manageable upgrades immediately - we deserve better for ourselves than delayed and broken promises.

We deserve the attention of fashion designers who respect us and understand that we are not defined by our size, shape, or ability. And we deserve clothing that is safe to use on the most sensitive parts of our bodies, meaning free of harsh chemicals and synthetics. That’s why this year we are only supporting companies who support us. Designers like Chamiah Dewey and Lekuna Lifestyle who make clothing for every body regardless of shape or size, and revolutionizing the fashion industry, we are so here for it.

So here’s our Level Up list for 2023 based on our reflections of the past year. We encourage you to take some time and think about your own year and what upgrades you see yourself making to make this year your best yet. We’d also love to hear what you came up with, so leave us a comment, or tag us on Instagram with your 2023 upgrades and we’ll continue leveling up together. Bonne année!



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